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Men of New York Series, Book 2


Trey Winters

I’d always been a user. An arrogant, self-centred prick. And I had a damned good life… a life filled with making money hand over fist while availing myself of any willing man who happened to cross my path.
I never caught their names most of the time either, warning each conquest well before they swallowed that our encounter was a one-time thing. And yet, they still appeared as if by magic, my combined allure of good looks and money as well as the promise of the best cock they'd ever had never failing to attract.
As far as relationships went, I just wasn’t wired that way. I craved a life unfettered by complication, and was driven by only two things… money and sex.
And fuck, did I have an abundance of both at my fingertips.
I’d built quite the reputation, too, one only exceeded by my over-inflated ego. I was twenty-six, single, and co-owner of Elixxir, one of the most renowned gay clubs in Hell's Kitchen. While the beautiful people flocked to the hottest place in town, I reaped the benefits, making serious cash while having the pick of whomever I wanted, whenever I damn well pleased.

* * * * *
February 14th
Noah Middleton

"Welcome to Hell's Kitchen, buddy. Come on in." Justin Blake, my best friend in the world, smiled as he drew me in for a hug before taking my overnight bag and setting it down next to the hall table.
“Gee, you didn’t have to get all dressed up just for me.” Justin’s attire drew out my best smile. The red boxers and a matching robe hanging loose and open around his slender form left little to the imagination.
“Don’t be dissin’ the underwear, or I just might have to kick your butt. By the way, love the ‘do.” Mussing my golden tresses, Justin laughed. My brown, shoulder length hair had been cropped short and dyed for the sake of a role as James Dean in a local production about the actor’s life back in San Francisco. I couldn’t have appeared more different than my usual self.
"Thanks.” It was then I noticed a tall, well-built guy emerge from the bedroom, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist and a brilliant smile.
I didn't want to think about what the two of them had been up to before I'd arrived. Not if I wanted to keep down the hot dog I'd eaten the second I got off the subway.
“Noah, this is my boyfriend, Wes Bradford. Wes, this is my best friend in the whole world, Noah Middleton.”
“It’s so great to finally meet you.” Wes pulled me in for a hug so tight, I was finding it difficult to breathe. At the same time, I was doing all I could to keep my junk away from touching his while hoping the towel remained in place.
“Take it easy, babe. You're going to suffocate the poor boy if you’re not careful.” I looked at Justin over Wes's shoulder, and he chuckled, then blew me an air kiss.
“Oops. Sorry.” Voice filled with apology, Wes loosened his grip. Straightening my glasses, I did my best to keep my composure. 
“Come on, my friend. Let’s get you settled. We don’t have much time if we want to check out Julliard.” Justin picked up my bag and grabbed me by the hand. 
After being given a brief tour of the neat, modern apartment, Justin's brash personality showing through with the abundance of bright furnishings and out-there artwork, I was left in my room to change.
With a grin, I slipped on a fresh pair of sweats and a clean shirt and stared out the window, taking in the sight of the busy street below. The hustle and bustle that was New York was unlike any place on earth, and I couldn’t believe I was going to be in it for good.