Release Day Blitz and Giveaway - Surreal by R. E. Hargrave

Release Date: December 15, 2014
Genre: BDSM Erotic Romance
Series: The Divine Trilogy
Available on: Amazon


Catherine O'Chancey is a young submissive who has found her happily ever after with a man far better than she’d ever dreamed.

Or has she? When does life ever work out so conveniently?

Jayden Masterson first opened his playroom to Catherine, a provocative Irish beauty with a penchant for pain. Then he opened his heart to her everyday persona, Erin. For him, life has never been more perfect, or more confusing, since he's comfortable as a Dominant but still finding his way as a lover and equal partner. Jayden is also learning that he can't protect his jewel from everything—nor should he. Some battles she must fight on her own.

Erin's past still haunts her, and as the couple move forward in their merging relationship, they must cope with the physical damage left behind by her abuser.

Catherine and her Master still have a lot to learn about each other, and about themselves. If Jayden and his jewel can overcome the challenges they face on the next chapter of their journey, their ending just might be . . . Surreal.

*Cover design by J.C. Clarke of Grafix Momma

What Reviewers Are Saying:

"The Divine Trilogy was an emotional journey for not only these characters, but for me as a reader. I could not have asked for any more from Ms. Hargrave than what she did – write a beautiful story about intriguing characters that entertained me and touched my heart. And in doing so, she has earned not only my admiration and respect, but gratitude.  The dictionary defines the word divine as being supremely good or superb; in that case, The Divine Trilogy was appropriately titled because that’s exactly how good this series was. This is a must read series!" ~Robin with Sizzling Hot Books

"What an amazing 3rd book in this series! I love this series like no other! Jayden is one smoking, sexy, caring Dom that loves with all he has! Erin is an amazing sub that keeps surprising me as the story goes on! She's strong, sensual, caring, loving and most of all submits to her Dom with all her soul! This is one of those books that you want more from, one that gives you so much that you keep taking it all in and just can't stop! I loved this series and hope and pray there are more like this one to come from an amazing Author who has put so much into what she writes!" ~Maria, Goodreads Reviewer

There is so much more to this story than you can possibly imagine! The plot of Surreal unfolds in layers. The writing keeps you guessing, questioning and wanting more information. The writing is also clever and witty, even humorous at times! I highly recommend this story to any BDSM lover and anyone who wants to read about an emotionally moving love story that will leave you thinking about it for days!" Kristin, Goodreads Reviewer

                                              My Review:

I was given an ARC of R. E. Hargrave’s Surreal in exchange for an honest review.

What can I say about a series that has captivated my heart from its very first incarnation? About a journey Erin and Jayden/Catherine and her Master take whereby both of them learn and grow through one another? 

To Serve is Divine, the first book in the series, gives us insight into how the pair meet, how their relationship begins and how Erin begins to confront the demons of her past. We watch as she blooms as both a woman and a sub under Master Jayden’s guiding hands.

A Divine Life, the second in the series begins one year into their relationship, the story not only giving the reader a feast for the senses (I swear the scenes were so intense I needed a cold shower or two after), but offering insight into Erin’s mindset as each scene unfolded.  Jayden is already a changed man – the love of a good woman – the right woman for him – the end of arrangements he’d had with other submissives just the beginning of his metamorphosis.

In Surreal, the third and final piece of the series, we find our lovers on the road to cementing their lives in each and every way. It isn’t only Erin who is set on the path to true healing. Jayden also embraces the role of loving (as well as hot) partner, thereby adding another dimension to his deliciously Dominant persona.

What I loved about Surreal (and in fact the entire series), is the strength of the connection these two share from start to finish.  How the characters read one another like a book, achieving a far deeper understanding of what the other needs at any given time. Limits are pushed, and testing times lay ahead for the couple, but as they met every obstacle with a united front, the love they have for one another shines through. I also enjoyed the fact that you never quite knew when Master Jayden was going to come out to play, the switch between lovers to Dom/sub occurring so seamlessly, it was organic.

Brilliantly written, and with wonderful character development, The Divine Series is simply one of the best I’ve had the privilege of reading.  Surreal, the last in the series, is the icing on this most delicious, most decadent of cakes. Not only are the scenes unique as well as sizzling, Hargrave gives us the right balance between heat and passion and an absorbing storyline, one never detracting from the other.

I have to admit, reaching the end of this series has been a bittersweet sensation for me. This story has owned me over such a long period of time, it’s as though a child I’ve known and loved for many years has suddenly left home. At the same time I'm excited for what comes next!

Thank you, Ms. Hargrave, for taking me on the journey of a lifetime.  It's been truly Divine. 


Before the driver could pull the car out of the parking lot, Jillian was talking a mile a minute. Paige seemed to be following it all, but Erin felt lost while she watched them banter like a tennis match. 

“Whoa, slow down. We’ve got all day and the only actual appointment is at the dress shop. Paige is meeting the seamstress who will be doing the custom work on her gown.”

Paige and Jillian shared a look.

“What?” Erin was on alert at once.

“Erin, sweetie,” Paige began.

“Oh, no. This isn’t about me today, Paige. We’re doing stuff for your wedding, not mine. Jayden and I haven’t even set a date yet.”

“And? Your point is?”

Jillian took over, “Because you two haven’t pinned down a date is all the more reason to get busy straight away. There is so much to sort out and plan—”

“I don’t know. In my mind, I kind of thought it would be small and quick.”

Paige snorted at that, and Erin kicked her friend in the shin before she said something not suitable for Jillian’s ears.

Jillian leaned toward Erin to lay a manicured hand on her knee. “I’ve waited almost forty years for my son to get married. This is one event that will not be downplayed if I have anything to say about it.”

Erin felt her eyes begin to lower under the intensity of her future mother-in-law’s stare. Paige nudged her knee, which reminded her that submitting to one Masterson was quite enough.

“Surely you’ve got some ideas, Erin? A general time frame and colors, for instance.”

The young woman’s thoughts went to the ink encircling her waist. It captured her heritage, the red and green braiding a permanent reminder of her Irish roots.

Paige clapped. “That dreamy look means yes!”

Across from her, Jillian relaxed into her seat with a smug grin, and Erin threw up her hands. “Fine. Bear in mind that I haven’t discussed any of this with Jayden yet—and no decisions will be made without him.”

“Yeah, yeah. Give us the goods, girl,” Paige said with a snicker.

“Well, I don’t want white.” She glanced at Jillian and was relieved her preference didn’t seem to be an issue. “I’ve always liked ivory—it’s more down to earth. For accents, I was thinking red and green. Oh, and for flowers,” she smiled at the secret she shared with her Dom, “I’m pretty sure Jayden will want orchids.”

“Good, keep going.” A notepad had materialized in Paige’s hands, and she was scribbling at a furious pace. 

Erin shook her head in amusement. “I like roses, too, so maybe we can combine them?” She continued to ponder aloud. “As for when, that will all depend on when Jayden can take time off from work—”

“My dear child, that boy would move mountains for you. If you have a special date you want, I assure you that business will not keep him from making it happen.”

Go back to the beginning:

When Jayden Masterson–a gentleman Dom with a taste for perfection–meets a submissive with a mysterious past and a natural desire to submit, he can’t resist the spark that ignites inside him. He wants to learn everything about Catherine O’Chancey; not just the intricacies of her body, but her mind as well. But does she want the same? Can Catherine stand up to her past and find the right Dom who can make her feel alive again?

To Serve is Divine (Book One of The Divine Trilogy):Amazon Kindle


A year has passed since Jayden Masterson collared his first submissive, Catherine O’Chancey. To celebrate, Jayden has orchestrated a special day for his jewel: one during which her final fantasies will be realized and his own inner strength tested. Are these two ready to move beyond just Master and submissive? Can they set aside their fears to tell each other the truth at last?

A Divine Life (Book Two of The Divine Trilogy):Amazon Kindle

About the Author:
R.E. Hargrave lives on the outskirts of Dallas, TX where she prides herself on being a domestic engineer. Married to her high school sweetheart, together they are raising three children from elementary age to college age. She is an avid reader, a sometimes quilter and now, a writer. Other hobbies include gardening and a love of a music.

A native 'mutt,' Hargrave has lived in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas, and California. She is fond of setting her stories on location in South Carolina and Texas, but its anybody's guess as to what the genre will be! 

Her novella works include:

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Excerpt, Review and Giveaway - I'm Your Man by Joanne Rawson

I’m Your Man
Joanne Rawson

Blog Tour December 8-14, 2014

Bottom Drawer is proud to present I’m Your Man by Joanne Rawson, a rising star in the chick lit genre.

Book Details: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Chick Lit
Author: Joanne Rawson


Ruth Jones loves her boyfriend Justin. He is handsome, has a killer body, and the sex is awesome. He does have one major fault though. He travels so much with work that she only gets to see him once or twice a week, and that is his reasoning for always wanting to . . . stay in. At first she’s happy that he only wants to be with her, but over time, his habit of jibbing out at the last minute for every family occasion, work function, or any bloody occasion that involves socialising, really does her head in. All she wants, for goodness sake, is for people to get to know her boyfriend. Okay, so she wants them to see she has a hunk of a boyfriend, but is that so wrong?

When Ruth wakes up in a hotel room one morning suffering from a major hangover, she tries to piece the events of the previous night together. Feeling let down by yet another no-show by Justin at a work function, she headed to the bar and ordered a drink. The last thing she remembers is sitting next to an average-looking guy with a nice accent and large hands, and wondering just what those hands could do given half the chance. When the bathroom door opens and Mr. Average walks out, she realises that at the ripe old age of thirty-three, Ruth Jones has experienced her first one-night stand.

A one-night stand that is about to send her world into utter turmoil.


A BURGER?” yelled Jenny, “After you paid for a first class meal and wine, all he did was buy a sodding Big Mac?” sarcastically followed by, “Hold on to him, he’s a keeper, Ruth!”
“No, no, Jenny,” said Vikki. “It’s a start, and the toiletries and stuff . . . that’s good right?”
“A razor and some dirty Y-fronts hardly say commitment. Least of all that marriage is on the horizon,” Jenny snapped. “So what else has he promised?”
It had taken all my self-control not to open up with my next news. “Tonight, Justin is coming to Ester’s birthday dinner.”
Jenny groaned.
“Look I know you hate Justin, but tonight can you make an effort for me please, Jenny. Anyway, Danny says—” Jenny spat out her cappuccino. Vikki began to choke on her blueberry muffin.
“Yankee Doodle Danny?” questioned Vikki, as if she had incorrectly heard me.
“He popped by my office on Monday, we had lunch together,” making it sound as simple as a sandwich in the office, when in fact it was a little more than that.
This had been our third lunch date, but today Danny had chosen the restaurant. A cosy table in the window at Brown’s. Danny had taken the liberty of ordering before I arrived. Smoked salmon with horseradish crème fraiche to start followed by a grilled chicken breast with prosciutto, taleggio, and basil oil, and salad. Courteously saying he had ordered two glasses of Chablis rather than a bottle. Afterwards we took a leisurely stroll down by the Thames, both deciding it was too late to now go back to work. We spent another hour in a tiny coffee shop in Covent Garden, before Danny walked me to the tube station, arranging lunch for the same time next week.
I could not stress the next point strongly enough. “We’re going to have a platonic friendship.”
“Is that what you kids call it nowadays?” mocked Jenny.
Disregarding her comment, I continued, “Danny has just gone through a whole commitment thing. Admittedly his didn’t turn out,” I said, filling them in on the whole Maria saga.
“But, he says this is a good start for me and Justin. At least he is making an effort, however small it is.”
“And Justin is okay with this companionable relationship with a man you’ve not told him you had sex with?” enquired Vikki.
“Well, I haven’t actually mentioned him to Justin just yet. I thought I would break Danny in gently.”
“From all accounts, you’ve already done that,” sneered Jenny.
“And pray tell, how in the world are you going to do that? You’re hardly the world’s best liar, Ruth.”
I performed my next move like a true thespian. Nonchalantly, I picked up two sachets of sugar and dramatically flicked them with my fingers, “I sort of introduced him to the girls at the office as an old friend. Not very well, I must admit.” Explaining the mix up in names. “We thought it more convincing to carry the story on. So tonight at dinner, if I mention Danny, will you act as though you know him?”
Vikki took my hand. “You know I think Yankee Doodle is good for you. He’s bringing out a whole new Ruth I’ve never seen before, and I’m beginning to like her. What do you think?” She turned to Jenny.
“You know me, I call a spade a spade.” This was embarrassingly true. Jenny’s Yorkshire bluntness had indeed caused many heated confrontations over the years, in shops, nightclubs, and restaurants. It was hard to believe she was a guest relations manager at one of London’s five-star hotels. “To be honest, Ruth, Justin is a prick. He’s as good as a twig holding up a building: snaps under pressure. Mark my words, it will all end in tears.”
“Jenny!” Vikki shrieked.

“Stop being a Southern softy, Vikki, and strap one on. Just admit it, you feel the same.” Looking over at Vikki to see if this was true, she kept her eyes firmly locked on Jenny. “And I’ll tell you something else for free.” Like I am going to pay her to abuse my boyfriend. “If he turns up tonight, I’ll run around Camden Lock naked. As sure as eggs are eggs, you’ll be dateless again tonight, Ruth.”


Ruth Jones appears to have it all. Great job, wonderful friends and a boyfriend any woman would kill for. Good looking and mysterious, Justin seems like a dream come true - until it occurs to Ruth that he's unwilling to commit to moving their relationship forward. He persists in making plans and breaking plans without thought, to the point her work colleagues think Justin is a mere figment of her imagination.

So, when Ruth finds herself once again at a loose end and after having little too much to drink, she wakes up in the arms of the average-looking New Yorker, Danny and decides it's best for all concerned that their dalliance is kept a secret. It isn't long before she runs into Danny again, and from that moment on, the two of them strike up a friendship. Danny offers to fill in as Ruth's date for any social occasions that happen to crop up while Justin is away for friends, of course.

I found myself unable to put this book down the moment I started reading it.  Justin is Ruth's perfect match on the surface, but as we peel back the layers, all is not what it seems. This story is about being true to oneself, discovering love and friendship in unexpected places, and finding the one who makes your heart whole.  My favorite scene? When Danny meets Ruth's family. Brilliantly funny. I also loved Ruth's brazen but lovable friend, Vikki.

Great story with a wonderful British wit.

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The book is also available at Kobo, Bookstrand, Smashwords, Oyster, Scrib’d, and other select booksellers.

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Cover Reveal - Right Click, Love by M B Feeney

Cover Reveal

Right Click, Love Re-Release

Release Date: 12 December 2014

10363479_363729447134912_6144754826093178828_n Cover Created by J. C. Clarke @ Grafix Momma


Disheartened about not being able to find “Mr. Right” on the London dating scene, best friends Jodie Lynch and Louise Hewson create a blog to not only document their disastrous dates with the numerous “Mr. Wrongs” and “Mr. Okay-for-nows” but also to help those going through the same experiences and to see where they’re going wrong. How will they deal with everything the dating scene has to throw at them — planned or otherwise?


***Right Click, Love***

"I laughed out loud many times throughout the novella, but it had its serious moments, too." - Sydney Logan - Author

"Where to start with this delightful little story? It's jam packed with wonderful little quirks and so many positives that I may just run out of superlatives! Funny, romantic, realistic, witty, charming - the list is just endless." - Lily Loves Indie Blog

"If you love a quick romance read with a touch of comedy then this book is for you!" - Jessy @ Bookend 2 Bookend Blog

"Right Click Love is a great insight into what young women face in the dating world. The story was funny, heartwarming and sweet." - Erica - Goodreads Reviewer

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Release Day - Just Like Pulling Teeth

A trip to the dentist has never been so… interesting…

Announcing the individual release of Just Like Pulling Teeth, my contribution to the recently released Bollocks! Anthology. Here are the details:


“BOLLOCKS,” I groaned, failing at my attempt to chew on the wedge of pickle-covered cheese. It was only Tuesday, and yet, as I sat at the end of the bar at the Thistle and Lion, whining and moaning with every bite of my ploughman’s lunch, this particular week had already begun to drag. I’d had the mother of all headaches for two days, and throbbing gums for three, the pain so bloody awful I’d been driven to take some long overdue time off work. My bite had been out of alignment for weeks, thanks to the swelling in the back of my mouth, and everything above my shoulders hurt.

Even my sodding hair.

The ibuprofen I was taking was no longer helping, and I hadn’t slept well in days. Luckily my sister, Rachel, was able to secure an appointment with a new dentist near where she worked. Dr. Anderson had been looking after my teeth ever since I was a young lad, but retired earlier in the year. As much as I felt awkward around new people, I figured I’d give this new bloke a shot, considering my dear sister had been gushing about how wonderful he was non-stop for the past few weeks. It wasn’t as though I had much choice, anyway. The other dentists I’d contacted, including every one of them at the Holistic Solutions Clinic, were booked solid for months ahead.

I didn’t even give a toss if I had to get my teeth pulled, if it meant the pain would go away.

Unable to finish my meal, I downed the rest of my pint to help sate my hunger and perhaps give me a little Dutch courage before I left a tenner on the end of the bar and headed for the men’s to carefully floss and brush.

It was torture, yes, but no sense in grossing out the new dentist with my recently acquired mustard pickle and beer breath.

I made my way across the cobbled alleyway that was a stone’s throw away from the city centre, the London sun shining and the air brisk with mid-October winds, until I found myself standing in the lobby of the two-storey building. Quickly checking the directory located next to a small cafe, I made my way up the single flight of stairs, passing by everything from chiropractors to physiotherapists, acupuncturists to hypnotherapists.

I was certain the name on suite door number ten, Acacia Dental Spa, was a contradiction in terms.

JUST LIKE PULLING TEETH is also a part of the BOLLOCKS! Anthology





His Personal Assistant

Kade Hutchins is a man out of work and out of luck. 
Luke Preston, one of New York's most ruthless criminal lawyers,
is in dire need of a new PA.
Could Kade be the one to melt the heart of the unfeeling Mr. Preston,
or are the two of them destined to be alone forever?

Release - Through the Fire by Michelle Irwin

Through the Fire
(Book One – Daughter of Fire series)
Michelle Irwin

Release Day – October 31, 2014

Bottom Drawer Publications is proud to present Through the Fire, book one in the New Adult Paranormal series Daughter of Fire, by Michelle Irwin.

Ever since Clay, a soldier for an organization tasked with ridding the world of non-humans, stumbled upon the secret of her birth, Evie's been on the run. 
Now he's back, and she's unprepared as he forces his way into her heart. 

Book Details: Novel
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
224 pages - 83500 words


Evie Meyers’ life is one spent on the run. Every minute of every day, her life is in danger if anyone should suspect the truth about her ancestry. Her father was willing to risk everything to keep the truth hidden, even from her, but the lies he fabricated were exposed when her high school crush, Clay Jacobs, inadvertently stumbled upon her secret. His discovery puts Evie at risk from a secret organization tasked with washing the world clean of nonhumans—and Clay is one of its deadliest soldiers. Forced into a war she doesn’t understand, all because of what she is, Evie is left with no choice but to flee with her father to escape persecution.

When Clay reappears in her life, battle scarred and mysterious, Evie is unprepared and terrified as he forces his way back into her heart. When the battle catches up with her, and a tragic accident tears apart the peace she discovered, she finds herself alone and without the protection of her father, or her lover. Now, she needs to keep her secrets hidden and learn to survive on her own in a world that wants her dead, all while searching for the missing piece of her heart.

Buy Links:

On Goodreads:

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For more information:

About the Author:

Michelle Irwin

Michelle Irwin has been many things in her life: a hobbit taking a precious item to a fiery mountain; a young child stepping through the back of a wardrobe into another land; the last human stranded not-quite-alone in space three million years in the future; a young girl willing to fight for the love of a vampire; and a time-travelling madman in a box. She achieved all of these feats and many more through her voracious reading habit. Eventually, so much reading had to have an effect and the cast of characters inside her mind took over and spilled out onto the page.

Michelle lives in sunny Queensland in the land down under with her surprisingly patient husband and ever-intriguing daughter, carving out precious moments of writing and reading time around her accounts-based day job. A lover of love and overcoming the odds, she primarily writes paranormal and fantasy romance.

Find Michelle at:

Release Day - A Closed Door, by Andrew Q. Gordon


Outted at thirteen, Orin Merritt left home after high school hoping to escape the hell his life had become. Ten years later when a tornado destroys his childhood home and kills his parents, Orin finds himself in an entirely new nightmare. One he can't run away from.

Blaming himself for failing the two people who always loved and supported him, he returns home and confronts his past in the person of his one-time best friend, Thomas Kennett.  Thomas not only rejected him when Orin came out, he led the group that tormented Orin into leaving.  

As he struggles to deal with his grief, Orin also labors to fulfill the pledge he made to his parents before their death.  In the process, Orin learns that sometimes when you go away to find yourself, you leave the answers you're looking for behind.

Cover Artist: Lily Velden and Jay Aheer
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing.

Buy Links: 


"Orin, I won't." Thomas stood a bit straighter and his eyes lost the sad, pleading shine. "I won't hurt you again."
"You can't promise that. Things happen." Orin watched as his words dragged Thomas back from the brink of hope.
"If you truly believe that, then there's nothing I can do. You have to believe there's a chance or else I can't prove it."
"That's not what I'm telling you." He locked his gaze on Thomas's. "If I say yes, I'll have to take down the walls I surrounded my heart with to keep it safe. Once it's gone, I won't be able bring it back if I get hurt. Not now.
"So what I'm saying is, think about what you’re asking me to risk. If you really love me, ask yourself if are you willing to risk what will happen to me if you can't keep your promise."
He knew how unfair he'd been, but self-preservation had been a skill he'd honed over the past fifteen years. He needed Thomas to know just how serious the repercussion could be for his actions.
"Orin, I . . . I . . . how . . .?" Their faces were inches apart, and Thomas moved in for another kiss.
This felt different than the first—less urgent, but no less intense. Orin trembled at the leap he was about to take. When they stepped back, Thomas rubbed his thumb across Orin's cheek.
"I do love you, Orin. More than I can say. So much, that I'm not willing to risk what will happen if I fail you again. I don't have that right."
Thomas's lips quivered and the tears welled at the bottom of his eyes. He kissed Orin's forehead gently.
"Good-bye, Orin. Please be happy." Without looking back, Thomas walked to the front door, opened it, and walked away.

Author Bio:

Andrew Q. Gordon wrote his first story back when yellow legal pads, ball point pens were common and a Smith Corona correctable typewriter was considered high tech. Adapting with technology, he now takes his MacBook somewhere quiet when he wants to write.

He currently lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his partner of eighteen years, their young daughter and dog.  In addition to dodging some very self-important D.C. 'insiders', Andrew uses his commute to catch up on his reading. When not working or writing, he enjoys soccer, high fantasy, baseball and seeing how much coffee he can drink in a day.

Author Contacts:

Twitter:      @andrewqgordon

Other Books: