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Hey, lovely readers!

Sorry I've been so quiet, but with the day job and jotting down the words, it's been a tad busy.  The good news is the second book in my Men of New York series, EliXXir, is well on track for an early 2020 release.

Book one in the series, His Personal Assistant is available on KU, and can be purchased here.

I've also been working on a sequel to my paranormal tale, The Haunting of Angus Macgregor. Two new characters will be introduced, but Daniel and Angus as well as the lovely Maddie will be making a return appearance. A Summer 2020 release is planned for this story.

The Haunting of Angus Macgregor is also available on KU, and can be purchased here.

In the meantime, some fantastic authors (including all featured in our FB group, MM DreaMMers) have a seriously kick-ass promotion going on right now.

11 authors, 11 Bookbub likes = 11 entries for a chance to win a massive US$110 gift card, so why not head on over and follow the talented Ann Grech, Luna David, Meg Bawden, Eden Finley, JJ Harper, Angelique Jurd, TA McKay, Viva Gold, JP Sayle, Megs Pritchard as well as myself here.

Until next time...

New Release and Giveaway - Just Like Pulling Teeth by L J Harris

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A trip to the dentist has never been so... interesting.

Aiden Cooper, a workaholic banker with little time for a personal life let alone romance, finds himself in a bit of a pickle when his wisdom teeth start giving him trouble. Upon visiting a new dentist, he ends up getting quite a bit more than he bargained for.

Sebastian Gibbs is a man who makes no apology for who he is or what he wants. The moment a new patient walks through the door of his dental surgery he wonders if, for the first time in his life, he can have it all.

2nd edition, 25,000 word novella which includes an 8,000 word bonus chapter.

This story is based in the UK, and British English spelling has been used.

“Mr. Cooper?” a low, muted voice asked in the same moment a hand grasped my shoulder and gently shook.
Lips smacking together, I stretched my limbs and cracked one eye open, then the other, and drew in a startled breath once my vision cleared. Dr. Gibbs wore the standard blue dentist’s shirt that buttoned up across the right shoulder, medical mask in place, but also had the most dazzling hazel eyes I’d ever seen, the long, black lashes around them only adding to their intensity. Throw in a good head of dark brown, slicked-back hair as well as olive skin and broad shoulders, and you had yourself a man who looked more like a Greek god than a dentist.
“Sorry, doctor. Guess I must’ve dozed off.” I managed to stifle an oncoming yawn.
Even though the mask covered the entire lower half of his face, the corners of his eyes crinkled, and I knew he was smiling.
If I wasn’t in so much agony, I’d have been more than a bit curious to see what that smile looked like.
“Not to worry. It’s quite a common occurrence. Now how about we work on getting you a good night’s rest?” Wheeling over what he went on to explain was a portable X-ray machine, he instructed me to remain still, focusing the camera-like device on the areas around my mouth and jaw before pushing it aside. Panoramic images of my teeth and surrounding tissue then appeared on the nearby computer screen. With shoulders hunched, he leaned across the desk and studied the results before writing some notes in my file.
After a moment, he rumbled out a low, “Hmmm.”
“Dr. Anderson warned me my wisdom teeth would have to be removed if they started to give me more trouble than I could tolerate,” I croaked, uncaring that I sounded a tad desperate. 
His gaze was still fixed on the screen. “And I gather you’ve reached that point?”
“That’s why I’m here.” They’d only ever ached for a day or two in the past.
Not this time.
“Good. Yes, well, right,” he mumbled, seeming to forget where he was as he paused and stared at the ceiling for a few beats before emitting a long, loud sigh. When he turned to step away from the desk, his hand caught the edge of my file and knocked it to the floor with a loud slap. What he did next, however, was to be my undoing. He bent over and picked the blasted thing up, displaying his glorious arse in the process. Straightening, he tossed the file aside and moved to stand next to me, and that was when I noticed the subtle musk of his aftershave, so heady and alluring.

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L. J. Harris is a mother, wife, an introvert and author. Her family is her life, her soul, and the very reason she gets out of bed every day. Coming a close second is her writing. 
She discovered a passion for putting pen to paper in her later years, jotting down poems in birthday cards for family members.
It was then a spark was lit, and ever since, she's been unable to switch off the urge to share her stories.
L. J. Harris discovered that as much as experiencing pain, loss and betrayal can be devastating, capturing the feelings of loss that some of her characters have had to endure without first-hand knowledge would have proved difficult. 
L. J. has been previously published and looks forward to continuing to share her work. She can be found at: 


All books can be found on her Amazon profile HERE

My First Signing, My Tribe and the AfterGLO

You know, nothing scares me more than the thought of being in a room full of people. Being an introvert and having social anxiety means I don't do crowds well.

With one exception.

After years of knowing some of my online friends, readers and fellow authors through social media, I had the honour of meeting quite a number of them face to face for the first time last weekend at the inaugural Bookmarked & Sexy signing. And what a beautifully welcoming bunch of people they were! It's great when you get to spend time with people who make you feel like you're not so weird after all, and who get you when you talk about your passion for the written word.

And though I was freaking out a little at the gravity of the entire event (mostly about the fact I had to fly, negotiate the airport with 3 heavy suitcases by myself and expected to hear the sound of crickets once the event began), I had nothing to worry about.

My PA, Sarah, was there to not only get me to my hotel from the airport, but ferry myself and a few other attendees around to see the sights. There the whirlwind of meet-ups, emu avoiding (no bird should be taller than a human) drinks, dinner, and some of the best conversation I'd had in an age began. And everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE was so wonderfully supportive and encouraging!

Though my poor old bladder protested, I was thrilled to discover that on the day of the actual signing, I would not have time to pee let alone check out other authors' tables and maybe even squeeze in a bit of reading. (I even considered bringing the laptop to write, and would have, if I hadn't already brought way too much luggage lol).

Not that I'm complaining one bit! Nosiree!

How could I, when we had such a fabulous turn-out? Readers were enthusiastic, and so awesome. Then the other authors who were there - Max Vos (my neighbour) and Sloane Kennedy (my corner mate), Nic Starr, Cherry Shepherd, N.r. Walker, Ann Grech, Eden Finley, Ann Mickan, Nora Phoenix all made the day all that more memorable. Such a fab representation of LGBT romance authors - around 1 in 5 which is fantastic!

Through this experience, I've made many a new friend, hugged and laughed with ones I've known for years (and never met). I've also gained a new appreciation of  what an amazing job organisers as well as volunteers, helpers, PA's, makers of all things swag, fellow authors and each and every wonderful reader does to make signings such as these so successful.

Writing is a lonely business for the most part. Yes, we interact online each day, but preparing a manuscript for beta reads and several rounds of edits is something one tends to do alone. Meeting people I consider some of the best friends I've ever known have afforded me the opportunity to feel part of a tribe I knew would remain a significant part of my life in the years to come.

As I sit here, adding to EliXXir, my newest addition to the Men of NY series, I can't help but feel an added sense of excitement. And it's all due to one of the most memorable weekends I've ever had.

Thanks to Sassie for organising this little shindig, and to Imogene and Belinda for helping me out with all my questions.

To Kristy from Kristy's Kreative Nook? You created some of the most popular swag ever! (Like I said, not one of the lip balms was left for me to steal lol).

To Jessica, creator of this beautiful blog as well as my logo, I thank you so much! Many commented on how much they loved the swag!

To Tammy for all my covers, and to my lovely editor RE Hargrave and beta reader extraordinaire, Kaye P Hallows, if it weren't for your encouragement I'd have never done this. To Mich, a special thanks. It was seeing you go to signings that encouraged me to take the plunge. Then to the gang in MM DreaMMers - thanks for all your daily chats and unending support. You all rock!

Congrats again to Lisa for winning my raffle, and to Doc, NR and Barb for putting up with me at the zoo (and Sarah for getting us there). And to Nic Starr who made that Friday lunch nice and chill. To Lauren and Max and Dawn, and Debbi who made my weekend by joining me, and and to all of you I met - Pat, Colleen, Kaz (Vegas baby), Sandy (who I sat next to on the flight up!), Mia, Kylee, Karen, Pauline, Parida, Jacci, Helena, Erin, Sheridan, Belinda, Tania, Jennie, Pat, Katie, Karen, (PS it was confusing at dinner when the waiters kept bringing out another meal for Karen! haha), Amor, Kenzie, TA, Jody, and so many others!

So many memories crammed into such a short space of time.

And the best part? Through all this, an idea was born... one that is sorely needed in Australia. I give you GLO - Gay Lit Oz, an exclusively LGBT Romance event for authors and readers near and far, to be held in Sydney, Australia on 12th/13th March 2021.

Expressions of interest are now being sought, so if you'd like to be an attending author, please fill in the form here.

Aubergine Publishing Presents... Square One by JJ Harper

The final story in the Under the Uniform Series

Xander is angry and fed up with being signed off work for something that was out of his control. He loses himself in alcohol and one-night stands, anything to dull the pain in his head.

Jonah is enjoying the freedom away from his small-town life, living life to the full in a big city. A few weeks away from starting his job as a firefighter, he embraces the nightlife and the men found in the clubs. One man, in particular, catches his eye, and not even exchanging names, they spend a night lost in each other, and then another. Still not bothering to find out any more about each other, they go their separate ways.

Until they find themselves face-to-face at work.

Unable to stay away from each other, they embark on something that soon morphs into so much more. Deeper, more intense, looking at lot like love.

But will it be enough when Jonah hears some life-changing news and he turns to Xander for support?

It’s been two months since Xander and I got together. Although we haven’t said we’re boyfriends, we are definitely more than friends. Looking in the mirror, I smooth out the button-down shirt, then attempt to sort out the riot that is my hair. It’s decided to stick out in every direction. In the end, I give up. Maybe messy curls will become fashionable.

I hear a car horn beep and know that Xander is here. The butterflies in my stomach stir and flutter awake. We’ve had a five-day rest period from work, and he took the chance to go to see his parents and sister. It seemed more of a duty call as his mum had been pestering him for a visit. I haven’t given my folks the chance to guilt me. I call every week, letting them know how busy I am.

The doorbell rings, making me smile. Xander must be as eager to see me as I am him. I race down the stairs to open the door. We both gaze at each other before smiling.

“Come here, you.” I grab his hand and pull him inside and up against me. “I’ve missed you,” I murmur as my lips press up to his.

“Mmm, me too.” He presses harder, then lets his tongue slip over the seam of my lips, asking for entry.

I can taste the faint mint of his toothpaste, but it’s the full flavour of him that has me moaning. My hands move to grip his hips, letting our groins bump together. I can feel his dick swell as I deepen the kiss.

Breaking away, he sighs and licks over his bottom lip. “We need to go before I drag you upstairs.”

“I know. Maybe we should’ve left dinner for tomorrow night.” I rest my forehead on his.

“C’mon, we don’t have to be there long.” Xander kisses me softly before stepping back.

I grab my keys, and we head out. The Indian restaurant is busy, but we are quickly shown to our table. After ordering a beer each, we sit.

“How was it? Your parents okay?” I reach over to touch his hand, loving it when he turns it over to hold mine.

“Yeah, they were happy to see me. My sister came over with her kids, making it crazy but fun. It’s great to spend time with my nephew and niece.”

By the time we have finished eating, I’m ready to get him back to my place and naked. Our feet have been tangled together throughout the meal while Xander’s eyes have become darker, boring into mine, making me hornier than ever.

“Let’s go, baby.” Xander stands and holds out his hand.

The ride home is quiet. My fingers trace the seam of Xander’s jeans on the inside of his thigh. The tension is high. I see him chew on the corner of his lip as he holds himself together. The minute we get inside, all bets are off, and he can have me any way he wants.

As soon as the door is shut, Xander drags me up the stairs to my room.


Made to Measure by Viva Gold

Hot Nurse by Brad Tanner 

Isola Di Fiore by Lou Watton

Dance with Me by Ann Grech

Rescue Me by T A McKay Author

Long Tall Texan by L J Harris

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