Aubergine Publishing Presents... Long Tall Texan by L J Harris

Alec Peters is a man with his whole life ahead of him. Embarking on a weekend getaway to celebrate his twenty-first birthday, he walks through the doors of the most renowned gay strip club in Orlando with nothing more on his mind than having a good time with his two closest friends. What he gets is an eyeful of erotic dancers, and plenty of them, one in particular making his coming of age one he’ll not soon forget.

Jay Alverson, a small-town Southern boy born with good looks and a natural ability to move, spends his time raking in the big bucks as a stripper and living in the moment whenever he can. After he and his friends agree to perform at Roosters, his boss’s newest club, he falls victim to a tangled game of matchmaker. What he can’t predict is how the dark-haired beauty he’s been set up with may be the one to change his life for good.

Black leather thong greeting my eyes, in that moment, I felt like pushing everyone out of the way and throwing myself on that stage. It was unfortunate I was claustrophobic, so instead, I watched from afar, admiring his form as he enthralled the men before him. He crouched on the table. The crowd parted long enough for me to see him tug on the rope and bring the heavy tipper up close, then peck him on the lips as his friend shoved the man’s huge wad of cash down the cowboy’s thong.
After he returned to the stage, I moaned as I took in his beauty. Body covered in oil, his sun-kissed skin encased a set of broad shoulders, perfect pecs, and abs I wanted to lick. A small tattoo with text I couldn't make out graced his left hip. All that led to a golden-white pleasure trail that the bills sticking out of the black leather managed to cover, encasing the thickness of his impressive cock. I'd never wanted to be a piece of leather more than I did at that moment. Mouth open like a stranded guppy, I watched him move wearing nothing but his hat and mask, that thong and those sexy as hell boots. I swallowed hard, trying my best not to drool in public as he shimmied and shook his ass like a pro. When the soaring vocals of Ciara kicked in as she sang “Ride" my world stopped.
He saw me.
He saw me, and though he continued to dance, sure as ever, his moves faltered for a split second.
Huh, so this perfect specimen of a man is human after all….
The urge to rescue him nullifying my initial shock, I waved the cash around, then moved forward with a confidence I’d not known before. The sensation of his eyes following me as I arced around the perimeter of the crowd until I was standing by the far side of the stage, well away from the throng of men, brought forth an all-encompassing shudder.
“Come here,” I mouthed, crooking a finger to beckon him to me. Hesitating for a heartbeat, he drew in a large breath, then bit his lip before moving closer.

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