Award Nomination

Nothing thrills more than receiving a wonderful review for a story. But to also receive acknowledgement by being nominated for an award, well let's just say it absolutely blows me away. To find out that a story I've co-written, His Daddy's Eyes has been nominated for an Energize WIP Award...well I can't tell you how much it means.

Mrs Agget and I began writing this collaborative Edward/Jasper slash fic late last year, when an inspirational pic was posted on facebook courtesy of our friend, Ellie. Once we saw the banner, we knew we just had to write the story, and from the very start, we received a lot of support from our friends. Read the Story Here

Since we stepped into the g-doc to write the first chapter in mid-October last year before posting in November, that support has steadily grown, and the both of us have been constantly astounded by the comments, and by the sheer number of readers we have gained.

It didn't take long before we got into the groove big time, often writing more than one chapter in a single writing session, these boys had us so inspired. We also had an absolute blast writing it, the moments we shared bringing such great joy...words flowing out of us both unlike any other time I can recall (oh and the absolutely hilarious moments we shared had me laughing till I cried, too).

Which brings me to my cohort-in-arms, the woman I couldn't have done this without.

Mrs. Agget (aka Penny), my lovely co-author is someone I've always admired. Her ability to not only write beautiful boys, but come up with wonderful stories never ceases to amaze me. Her imagination, ability to write sweetness, but also hotness between two characters blows me away every time. I love you, sweetie. You're always there to pick me up when not a word will come, or when I'm feeling down, knowing what to say no matter the situation. Writing with you has been easy as breathing, and I feel honored to be doing this with you. Check out her stories here.

Then there's our writing partner, googling guru and inspiration, Sarah, who not only has fun with us in our many conversations, but who is also very supportive of our work. I admire and respect your strength, your wit and your ability to push on, no matter the obstacles, my lovely.  Heart you, my friend.

To Kerrfrano, who blew us both away with her speedy and wonderful pre-reading, her positive comments provided the encouragement we needed to churn our those chapters like some kind of slashy-speedy-gonzalez.  Thank you for all your support. You have been the best sounding board ever, my fellow Aussie gal.

Then there's our wonderful Beta, Harrytwifan, who has also been nominated for an Energize WIP award in the most inspirational Beta category. Not only does she let me know when I use the word 'and' at the beginning of a sentence too often (yes it is a disease lol), she's also championed the story from the word go as well. You not only get our chapters back to us with lightning speed, your suggestions and the fact that you let us know how much the story means to you just makes this process so thoroughly enjoyable.

It means so much to us to have such a wonderful team of people...all who play a vital role in getting this story out. Thank you guys so much!

To you...our lovely readers.

Though with timezone pressures and our real life commitments, we've struggled to keep up with review replies, if it wasn't for you guys we wouldn't be so inspired to keep on writing this story in the first place. Penny and I have laughed, cried and been blown away by each and ever one your responses. Thank you to you guys, from the bottom of our hearts...those who have been supporting us from the word go, and those who are our newest of readers.

To whomever nominated us for this award, Penny and I are so very humbled and grateful to receive this honor. We can't thank you enough. I have also been nominated for a motivational reviewer award under my HeartofDarkess profile, and I again, feel so very honored. To my Ripper beta, Texasbella, congrats on your most motivational Beta nomination as well, my talker off of cliffs extraordinaire. Thoroughly deserved. Thank you sweetie! Love you. To kitties1, congrats and well deserved on your nomination as well. You have helped get me through some tough times, my dear friend. Heart you hun!

Voting opens on the 13th March and will remain open until the 20th. Go support your favorite with just the click of a button.  Here's the link: Vote Here from the 13th-20th March.

PS: I also made a video for the story. Check it out: