Second Chances Anthology

(T minus 6 days to go...and counting)

Hey there all! As some of you already know, a single shot story of mine is about to be published, as part of Bottom Drawer Publications' Second Chances Anthology.

The book will be released in electronic format on 31st August and I have to say I'm really excited and feel very honoured to be contributing a story to this wonderful collection of Male/Male romances.

My offering is called Heart of Glass, and here's the summary:

When Zack Doherty comes to Australia on a working holiday, he is uncharacteristically forward in pushing Heath Connors, a man he barely knows, for a date. Heath, who has only recently begun to live life his way, wonders if Zack will be the one to mend his heart of glass.

I hope you take the time to pick up a copy of the anthology.  Here's the link for all the purchase details, author profiles and much, much more:!

Check out the promotional video: